DOOM 3 - Client/Server Yes, DVD No

The Union Aerospace Corporation Website now offers a countdown timer to the release of DOOM 3 (thanks Shacknews). Also, Will Doom 3 revive the struggling PC gaming industry? on CNN Money has word from id's Todd Hollenshead that DOOM 3 will ship on CD only: "I know some gamers are hoping to use the DVD players on their machines for something other than watching movies, but there are downsides. For us the cost of the goods and the cost of the replication and having to make two masters just isn't worth it." Also, with the game going gold, discussion of what DOOM 3 multiplayer will be like have kicked into high gear. UKGamer wrote Todd, id's CEO, about the announced plan to offer peer-to-peer network support, receiving the following reassurance:
Multiplayer is client-server.