Out of the Blue

Expert panel National disaster alert system in disarray... very comforting, especially in light of the evacuation instructions we received in the mail yesterday in case Indian Point makes like Three Mile Island on us... looking at the escape routes they outline and considering the crowds that will need to use them, I've determined that it would be faster to walk to escape the area... in fact, I think it would be faster to swim.

Play Time: Beastie Boys Triple Trouble. Political Frogger? At least there's no SpyWare.
5 Spots. Thanks Sharon.
Dog Toy or Marital Aide? Thanks Ant.
Stories of the Day: Flavoured bananas a-peel to Chiquita. Corporate crack-smoking.
Leopards hunt humans in Indian park. That's an "E" ticket.
Billboard Featuring Fake Students Blamed For Crashes.
Science!: EPA: 100 million breathing harmful air. EPA: We've failed at "P"ing the "E".
The science of suffering.
Artificial Sweetener May Disrupt Body's Ability To Count Calories, According To New Study.
Media of the Day: One-Legged Dancer. Thanks Silver.
Images of the Day: Lord of the Rings. Thanks Jim Hendrickson.
Follow-up: A Second Test Shows Animal Did Not Have Mad Cow Disease (registration required).
Thanks Mike Martinez