Spoils of War Unveiled

Spoils of War Unveiled on IGN reveals plans for Spoils of War, described as a first-person shooter/real-time strategy hybrid that's in the works at East Coast Games (thanks Frans). Here's a bit on the game, which is listed as coming soon:
Decades from now and light-years from any galaxy we know today, Ematrants are poised for the return of the plague that almost eradicated their species - Humans. Elect to be an Ematrant and defend your world with sorcery and natural resources or be a Human, equipped with technology and innovation, and fight to obliterate the alien race.

Two different species... one goal.
Who are you going to lead to victory?

Select the role of Battlefield Commander and toggle between managing your team in RTS and fighting an intense battle as a FPS. Or choose one of three other roles and enjoy extraordinary first-person combat as you experience character growth. "Spoils of War" skillfully combines the successes of real-time strategy and first-person shooter to create intense warfare and player depth that is unparalleled. As Battlefield Commander, switch between RTS and FPS modes to manage your team's economy and technology while leading your fellow human players to victory. As one of three first-person characters you will commandeer vehicles, become skillful with weaponry, and use unique powers in a high velocity war.