Shellshock: Nam '67 Gold and Delayed

This Eidos Profit Warning (thanks Frans) shares Eidos' concern about their margins for this fiscal year, combining the contradictory news that ShellShock: Nam '67, their upcoming Vietnam shooter is both complete, and delayed. That's right, in spite of pronouncing "ShellShock: Nam '67, has been approved on PS2, is completed on PC and Xbox approval is expected imminently," the article goes on to warn not to expect the game's release until September, citing a soft market and a traditional summer slow season as the reasons for this unusual move:
On May 20, 2004, the Company reported that the recent and unexpected softness in the games market, particularly in the US, was negatively impacting unit sales of Hitman: Contracts even though it was charting well in Europe and the US (and continues to do so). Since that time, this market trend has not reversed and the industry is about to enter the traditionally quieter summer period for game sales. Given these circumstances, and notwithstanding that the game is now ready to release, the Board has decided to hold the release of ShellShock: Nam '67 until September so as to provide this important new franchise with a better opportunity to deliver its true potential.