Out of the Blue

I was checking to make sure TiVO was set to catch the Deadwood season finale tonight (it still hasn't sunk in The Sopranos is over for the season), and with a quick pop, the audio went. Some checking seems to isolate the problem to my receiver, so I need to check and see if hopefully this may just be a blown fuse. I have fears that it goes beyond that, as there was a distinctive smell following this that seems very familiar as fried circuitry, so it may be a goner.

Play Time: The Polyphonic Spree - The Quest For The Rest.
Stories of the Day: Grapefruit-sized meteorite strikes house.
Science!: 'Electric armour' vaporises anti-tank grenades and shells.
Hypochondriacs have real disease `health anxiety'. Thanks Jim Chaney.
Men Have Biological Clocks, Too.
Image of the Day: Battered Moon. Thanks Jim Hendrickson.
Media of the Day: Croc Under Car. Thanks Ant.
Auction of the Day: Panzer Dragoon Saga - Sega Saturn, Near Mint. Thanks Jon. There was this time in band camp...
Follow-up: For Scientists, It's Hard to Love Venus (registration required). There once was a man from Peru...
Thanks Mike Martinez