Vietnam: The Tet Offensive & SAS: Against All Odds

Oxygen Interactive announces plans to publish a pair of new first-person shooters in the works at Atomic Planet Entertainment: Vietnam: The Tet Offensive and SAS: Against All Odds (thanks Frans). Here's the deal:
Vietnam: The Tet Offensive / SAS: Against All Odds
Oxygen Opens Fire With Atomic Titles

Further expanding their burgeoning release schedule, Oxygen have now added two new FPS titles to their release schedule, with PS2 and PC versions in simultaneous development. Due in September, Vietnam: The Tet Offensive will feature a range of action-packed missions and an innovative damage system, packed with accurate historical details. Following a month later, SAS: Against All Odds boasts counter-terrorist missions based on contemporary politics, with stealth-heavy, tactical gameplay.

Having already built up a range of sports and motorsports titles, these new additions provide a logical extension of the range. As Publishing Director Kevin Hassall explains: "These are two easily-accessible, high-quality titles, combining pick-up-and-play gameplay with subject matter that everyone can understand. With a mass-market retail price and full-price gameplay, with these as with our sports titles we're delivering quality and value-for-money to casual and dedicated gamers alike."

Development is already well under way at Atomic Planet Entertainment, with teams who have already proved themselves with high-quality action and adventure titles. "It is great to be working with such an ambitious, and fresh new publisher as Oxygen" says APE MD, Darren Falcus. "Their philosophy of developing quality products at an impulse buy price point fits in nicely with our goal of creating great games for the mass market. After many years of development, we are finally reaping the rewards of our investment in our cross platform technology and tools which allow us to make games in a shorter timescale, whilst maintaining a high quality."

Oxygen have assigned a six-figure TV advertising budget to add real firepower to the planned PR and marketing campaign, which will cover on-line, lifestyle, specialist, in-store and TV/radio.