Specter of a Spector Departure?

Shacknews is reporting that "multiple sources" inform them that Warren Spector "is said to be leaving" ION Storm, reporting the Austin Texas-based developer has also laid off 20-25 employees. Ion Storm Implodes is the headline on a similar story on IGN, which reports on the layoffs, as well as Eidos' explanation that this was a normal staff reduction associated with the completion of the pair of game projects that were underway at ION, quoting the publisher as dismissing the idea that Warren was laid off as well, though they don't actually come out and say he did not quit. They have yet to receive a reply from ION Storm, but this was Eidos' response to questions about Warren's departure:
"Ah rumors... well that sounds like a good one... but it is just a rumor," said the representative. "He certainly has not been laid off."