Out of the Blue

I watched the 10th anniversary edition of Reservoir Dogs yesterday, which has resulted in a peculiar side-effect. Since watching, the song Like a Virgin keeps running through my head. As disturbing as it is to find a wretched Madonna song haunting one's subconscious, this is that much worse. First, because the song itself doesn't actually play at any point in the movie, its invasion seems that much more insidious. Second, the context of the discussion of the tune in the movie just keeps conjuring up unfortunate imagery. *Shudder*.

Links of the Day: Bad Neighbour.
Stories of the Day: Boy fends off alligator attack with swift punch.
'I'm drunk, officer, but my donkey's in charge'. Thanks Dave Claycomb.
Sherpa sets record Everest time.
Science!: Statins in Aisle 7?
Dog genes tell surprising tales. Thanks zombie69.
NASA wants to add robot planes to nation's air traffic.
Image of the Day: BananaPhone. Thanks Ant.
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Auction of the Day: CELEBRITY AIR!!!!. But where's the A-List air? Thanks Michael Lemke.
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Urban Legends Reference Pages (Andy Kaufman). Thanks Z. Well duh.
California town for sale on eBay finally sold.
Thanks Mike Martinez