Out of the Blue

Now this is what I'm talking about... today is one of those days that makes you really believe spring has finally sprung. The birds are shining, the sun is singing... well, something like that. Anyway, a fine day to get a good frolic on.

Play Time: Yetisports3.
Link of the Day:: Stop FCC. Thanks A/S/LayerAODsk.
Stories of the Day: Companies vie to build a better toilet. Thanks Tony!!! "...and the world will crap a path to your door."
Can Disney Build a Better Mickey Mouse (registration required)?
Hunley sub crew to be buried, 140 years later.
Science!: New rocket, nuclear propulsion get boost.
Will nanotech save the world or is it mostly hype?
Trekkie communicator ready to go. Thanks Tecnic63.
Images of the Day: Games on Something Awful. Thanks Ant.
Follow-up: New optical disc made from paper.
Thanks Mike Martinez