Out of the Blue

Today is the debut of Kill Bill Vol. 2... I'm really looking forward to that one. More guns and action are on tap in The Punisher, but in spite of my life-long affection for comic books, I'm a little dubious about this one... I think it might have to do with that creepy black wig/dye job Thomas Jane sports in the promos reminding me too much of Dolph Lundgren in that awful original. On the other hand, Rebecca Romijn-Stamos is easier on the eyes than Lou Gossett, so this could be tolerable regardless...

Link of the Day:: Ericisgreat.
Stories of the Day: Taxing times for 16th Amendment rebels.
Police charge designated driver in fatal accident. Thanks Randy.
Adult 'Happy Meals' offer salad, no prize.
Science!: Ray Bradbury advises commission on Mars strategy.
Scientists find new face on Turin shroud.
New support for black hole theory.
Images of the Day: Homemade Rocket Launcher. Thanks Nitzan Wilnai.
HumanDescent Gallery. Thanks Ant.
Follow-up: Stern.Com and Stern's The "Maine Man" For Nassau. Thanks A/S/LayerAODsk.
Thanks Mike Martinez