Out of the Blue

That was a pretty good April Fools' Day yesterday, a lot of good gags, and not too many stinkers. There was an interesting debate over the possibility that Google's Gmail announcement was a gag I fell for, but Google 'Gmail' No Joke, Lunar Jobs Are reasserts the factuality of the story.

Oddly, I had a series of short brownouts here in the BlueTower yesterday. I don't think this was someone at the power company playing an April Fools, and am coming to the conclusion that I need someone qualified to come in and make sure the house is wired properly.

Play Time: Chasm.
Stories of the Day: A Fine Year for April Foolery. Thanks Ant.
Students handcuffed at elementary school.
Nude women off the menu at one Nashville bar.
Science!: Lawn Mowing for Lazybones.
U.S. Won't Alert Parents, Doctors on Mercury in Flu Shots for Kids (registration required).
Electronic Snoops Tackle Copiers.


California reconsiders nation's only biotech pet ban "lobbied by his wife."
Thanks Mike Martinez