Carmack at GDC Follow-up

To follow-up on the discrepancy between the two accounts of John Carmack's address at the GDC yesterday, a reader named Rene Patnode who attended the talk offers his perspective saying the HomeLAN Fed account is the more accurate of the two: "I can tell you that HomeLan Fed is a LOT closer to the truth. He mentioned Quake II as a former possible idea, but it was only that. What he did say was that the likely next id game will be a slight variation of Doom 3.... I personally would expect a mission pack or something on the order of Team Arena. Pretty close is also better than really close." Likewise, GameSpy's Carmack Address Recap likewise confirms that it was Computer and Video Games that came away with the wrong take on the facts here:
One interesting idea that Carmack said was discussed early on in DOOM 3's development was a product specifically meant to be a rendering showcase. In this case, the idea was to do a "Quake 2 remix" - to rebuild the game using all-new assets and technology. "But even the idea of just reskinning an old game brings with it the problems that as we have newer graphics technology, media creation demands get worse and worse..."