Carmack at GDC - DOOM 3 "Close"

Computer and Video Games and HomeLAN Fed (thanks Frans) each have stories up based on John Carmack's address at the Game Developer's Conference, though their accounts of the proceedings don't actually jibe with each other. CVG reports that the id Software co-owner and technical director is indicating that their next game will be a Quake II remix using new graphics in order to shorten the development cycle. The report on HomeLAN Fed, however, says that Carmack described the Quake II remix idea as one that was considered and then dropped before moving along to DOOM 3 development, and that his discussions of their next project did indeed center around a shortened development cycle ("a couple of years"), but that is due to not needing to update the graphics engine as much as from Quake III Arena to DOOM 3. The story on HomeLAN Fed also describes other topics that the address touched upon, including ever-bigger game budgets, the future of gaming, and that DOOM 3 is "pretty close" to release, while CVG's quote is again different, saying "really close."