Dear Diaries

The Soldiers: Heroes of World War II Diary on IGN is written by an unnamed source at Codemasters kicking off a series on the WW2 strategy title, answering the burning question: "How does Soldiers differ from 'Game X'?" Also, the latest Croteam Serious Sam II Update is online (thanks xxzen), offering the latest on the upcoming shooter sequel. Topics include the addition of bloom effect code, the Serious particle editor, progress on level design, a cut-scene report, a "car-assed" developer, and their addiction to the Painkiller Demo. Also, the re-launched Quantic Dream Website has an update on the status of Farneheit, along with a November 21, 2004 release date (thanks Frans). Finally, RPG Vault Beyond Divinity Peek #28 is online, with Larian Studios' Yann Popo discussing their recently released Imprunner mini-game (story).