Out of the Blue

Attending that conference yesterday was not only touching because of all the commemoration of my mom, but it also managed to actually be interesting for me, in spite of not being an educator (or educated, for that matter). It can be very easy to be discouraged about the future sometimes, given some of the signs of the times, but knowing there are so many educators out there putting so much thought and effort into how to best serve society and future generations was very heartening.

Links of the Day: Ping-Pong Ball Avalanche Home Page. In honor of the late Captain Kangaroo.
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Stories of the Day: Someone Is Stealing Avocados, and ’Guac Cops’ Are on the Case.
Media of the Day: Snow Tow Schmoe. Thanks Brad.
Madonna Wanabee. Thanks el duffo.
Auction of the Day: New Folder for Windows XP Home - Professional. Thanks Edwin Garcia.
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