Third-Person Thief III

The Game That Pioneered Stealth in Gaming Reemerges in Eidos and Ion Storm's Thief: Deadly Shadows is the press release announcing the addition of a third-person perspective option in the upcoming installment in the stealthy Thief series. The announcement is accompanied by a few screenshots showing off the new point of view. Here's a bit:
In Thief: Deadly Shadows, gamers will be able to play in either third person or first person perspectives, and shift seamlessly between each on the fly. The new third person perspective will further immerse players into the role of Garret [sic] -- the master Thief. Sneaking through darkly lit environments, stealing riches and ambushing unwary targets in third person presents a new, visceral gaming experience to the Thief franchise. Still, the tension fuelled gameplay in classic Thief first person view is there for returning fans of the series and newcomers alike. Ion Storm's trademark dynamic lighting and shadow technology manifests in Thief: Deadly Shadows new levels of depth and tension to the game's environments. Characters and objects cast real shadows that effect stealth gameplay, requiring the player to manipulate darkness and light to create your own shadows to hide in.