Far Cry SP Demo

The single-player demo for Far Cry is now available, released a little earlier than originally planned because it was prematurely leaked. The demo is a staggering download, available at 465 MB with the DirectX installer removed on 3D Gamers, Adrenaline Vault, Pixelrage, and Doupe.cz; while the 496 MB version with DX9 included is on 3D Downloads, ActionTrip, AusGamers, Boomtown (registration required), Computer Games Online, FileFront, FilePlanet (registration required), Filerush, FileShack (registration required), Gamer's Hell, Games Fusion, GameSpot DLX (registration required), GameTab, Happy Puppy (registration required), IGN, Loadedinc, and Worthplaying. Word from Ubisoft on this is: "The single-player demo offers an action-packed glimpse into the Far Cry world showcasing all the technically-advanced gameplay and jaw-dropping scenes from the full version of the game. Featuring a huge beach-laden level, the demo proudly showcases Far Cry's critically-acclaimed CryENGINE, huge game environments, deadly A.I., and the longest view-distance ever witnessed in a first-person shooter."