Conan Demo

By Crom! A demo version of Conan: the Dark Axe is now available, offering the chance to get your axe into gear and check out Cauldron's upcoming third-person action/adventure based on Robert E. Howard's fictional barbarian. The demo is a 130 MB download, available on 3D Gamers, ActionTrip, Adrenaline Vault, FileFront, Filerush, Gamer's Hell, Tiscali Games, and Worthplaying. Tiscali Games has picked up some details on the content:
David Durcak from Cauldron replied to our question about contents of the Conan demo, that it should be considered as beta-demo only (control system is not finished yet etc.). It contains 2 levels set to Kordava city at night and to one of the towers. This beta-demo will run only on graphics cards with Pixel shader 1.1 support (final version of game set for February will however work also on GeForce 4 MX or GeForce 2).