Out of the Blue

Man has it gotten cold! I was definitely enjoying the unseasonable warmness that marked the end of 2003 around these parts. At approximately 0.0001% body fat, I am just not built for cold snaps. On that topic, Ice Age Ancestry May Keep Body Warmer and Healthier (registration required) is an article sent along today by linkmeister general Mike Martinez with a bit on the science behind keeping warm. This just makes me wonder how my ancestors made it through the ice age, as if they adapted to the cold, it's hard to see what of that they passed along to me. I am pretty good at building campfires (and in more civilized moments, working the thermostat).... maybe that's my genetic gift in this regard.

Stories of the Day: Bush to Announce New Missions to Moon, Mars.
Half of pubs tested fail measures blitz. Thanks Enahs.
Texas Man Receives $7 Million Water Bill. Thanks Viperfour.
Science!: Supernova, sun combo blamed for mass extinction.
Farmed Salmon Have More Contaminants Than Wild Ones, Study Finds (registration required).
Alzheimer's disease cause identified.
Image of the Day: Friends foil Olympia man's home. Thanks Enahs.
Follow-ups: Woman drops lawsuit to stop lottery payout.
Stardust Captures the Best Comet Image Ever.
Thanks Mike Martinez.