Out of the Blue

The calendar says it's December 30, but the thermometer reads 50° Fahrenheit. Trying to correlate these contradictory facts is making me feel like the AI at the end of the Mudd's Women episode of Star Trek trying to correlate the "I am lying" lie. Bzzzt! Bzzzt!

R.I.P.: 'Home Improvement' actor dies.

Link of the Day: Mars Rover Special Report. Thanks SlayerAODsk.
Stories of the Day: Top phony pizza names. Thanks nin.
FBI Issues Alert Against Almanac Carriers. Thanks Halsy.
M&M's to lose color during contest. Thanks Tony!!!
Science: Unmaking Memories.
Piranha increase 'due to dams'. Thanks Mark Carnall.
Astronomy’s New Grail: The $1 Billion Telescope (registration required).
Follow-up: Crater theory over missing Beagle.
Thanks Mike Martinez.