Out of the Blue

Well I played a little DOOM yesterday, but also ran into a reality check about playing multiplayer online. When all the participants in a deathmatch are using network address translation to connect to the internet, setting up a server is problematic. A little re-wiring here is required to swap between NAT networking and a straight connection where my PC has my IP address to allow for this sort of gameplay. In the meantime I keep pondering whether there's some sort of way around this without reconfiguring the network, but I can't imagine how connecting to a server that's sharing an IP through NAT could be possible.

Play Time: Snow Globe. Thanks markus friedl.
Stories of the Day: Dry Christmas looms for NZ drinkers. Thanks John Nelson.
Science!: Pretty women scramble men's ability to assess the future. Thanks nin.
Scientists freeze pulse of light, for an instant. Thanks Slashdot.
Galactic impact makes black holes.
Media of the Day: The Lord Of The Rings Movie. Thanks Randy Perry.
Thanks Mike Martinez.