Dear Diaries

  • Deus Ex: Invisible War
    The Deus Ex: Invisible War Designer Diary on IGN is written by Harvey Smith and Kent Hudson who offer a double dose of designer's insights into progress on the upcoming Deus Ex sequel. Topics in the journal include supporting different playing styles, and valuable lessons learned during playtesting.
  • EverQuest II
    GameSpy's EverQuest II Developer Diary #1 is penned by Bill Trost, creative director on SOE's upcoming MMORPG sequel. In this debut installment, Bill introducers himself, and outlines how planning for EverQuest II was initiated.
  • Armed & Dangerous
    The Armed and Dangerous Designer Diary #3 on GameSpot from Planet Moon Studios' producer Aaron Loeb offers "Deep thoughts on the look, feel, and sound of" the upcoming cross-platform action game.
  • Atriarch
    A new Atriarch Development Update is online (thanks Frans) offers details on NPC AI pathing and collision detection, and "multiplayerifying" features.