Atari: T3 Demo Not Official

Atari sends word that the Terminator 3: war of the Machines demo in the story following this one is not the official demo for the game. While we cannot put the genie back in the bottle and un-post the news, here is their warning that this actually represents an early beta:
It has come to our attention that the media demo of T3 War has been placed on the Atari Australia web site for download by consumers. This is a mistake.

Please be aware that this build is NOT meant in any way to be a consumer "demo" and it will be removed from our site shortly. We will be releasing the real consumer demo in the near future, but the version that is online now will not be compatible with the official demo nor will it be compatible with the final game, both of which will have improved performance and online play.

Please do not direct your readers to this demo in Australia. If you have already posted the news, please remove it. If you feel you must mention this demo in a news item, it should be referred to as an early Beta Test for the game -- which it is -- this is NOT a "demo." It was meant for press eyes only and came with disclaimers as to what was not incorporated into the build at this time.

This demo's availability will only lead to confusion and compatibility issues, and you should wait for the official demo.