IG3 Resurrected

Dutch publisher HD Interactive sends word that the project formerly once known as Imperium Galactica 3 before being renamed Galaxy Andromeda (story) before being cancelled (story) has been revived under the new title Nexus. Here's the deal:
Just when it looked like the game formerly known as 'Imperium Galactica 3' would be lost in space, it is now back on track as one of the most eagerly awaited hits of 2004 thanks to a worldwide rights deal announced by Benelux's leading independent publisher HD Interactive of Amsterdam. Earliest views of the game have inspired such descriptions as 'visceral, futuristic and captivating' and 'absolutely gorgeous', and now the real-time mission-based tactical space game for PC has not only found a new publishing home with HD Interactive, but also a new focus with the title: 'Nexus'.

Under development in Budapest by Mithis Games, Nexus is heading for a worldwide release in September 2004. "Nexus is a true gamers' game," said Mike Klumper, MD of HD Interactive. "I was amazed by what I saw of the early code of Nexus. I was blown away by it and we are extremely proud to add this beautiful title to our portfolio. Now it has joined our line-up, Nexus will receive the full attention it richly deserves. By working closely with Mithis, a talented and experienced developer, and giving total focus to the product, we will ensure that Nexus realises its maximum potential in each and every territory." Robert Sugar, CEO of Mithis, said, "Everybody at Mithis is extremely excited about this deal. With HD Interactive's focus, Nexus is in very good hands. "