MMO Trials

Funcom sends along an announcement: "The critically acclaimed and award-winning Shadowlands expansion pack is now available as a part of Funcom’s Free 7 Day Trial for Anarchy Online. Now players from all over the world can download the entire Anarchy Online universe and try it without any commitment for seven full days." The trial version can be downloaded from this page, and here's a bit on the content the expansion for their science fiction MMORPG, which has: "introduced 20 large playfields, 40 smaller playfield areas, and over 165 distinct dungeon zones tailored to players of all levels. An impressive range of new features, including new professions, faction system, hundreds of perks, better AI, hundreds of monsters and items, new music and a greatly updated graphics engine ensured a gigantic addition to what was already an award-winning game. Shadowlands doesn’t take any of the trademark gameplay away, but greatly expands a fantastic virtual world." Likewise, Palestar sends word of another promotion for DarkSpace, their MMO space game, where: "all new player accounts now receive a coupon for 5 free days after the account has been activated. No credit card is required, just a valid email address. This enables full access to all servers and the ability to gain rank and prestige."