Ships Ahoy - UFO & Massive Assault

"Matrix Games is pleased to announce that Massive Assault by Wargaming.Net has completed production, is shipping and will be available in the next few days through major software retailers and online stores." Word is: "Massive Assault utilizes’s high-performance 3D engine giving revolutionary look and feel to a turn based global-scale game. Gameplay is smooth and easy-to-learn, while set in a dynamic strategic environment where the tide can turn time and again...Units include a variety of ground forces, ranging from reconnaissance to heavy mechs; air forces, including fighters and bombers; and naval forces, including carriers and battleships. When liberating new continents, you will learn to coordinate huge naval landing operations, involving carrier battle groups, naval bombardments and air power. These and other challenges await you in Massive Assault!" Also, "Matrix Games is pleased to announce that Eric Young’s Squad Assault: West Front by Freedom Games has completed production, is shipping and will be available for purchase in the next few days through major software retailers and online stores." Finally, the North American version of UFO: Aftermath has shipped. Here's a bit:
UFO: Aftermath is a 3D-tactical/strategy title with a rich and compelling sci-fi story. The title Combines global strategy with small squad based tactical combat against an alien invasion. Featuring run time generated tactical missions with innovative simultaneous combat action; the genre is also enhanced with strong RPG elements, offering quite a unique mix of strategic ideas.

The cleverly devised RPG element allows the player to develop their soldier’s abilities as they gain more experience. Their skills are derived from certain statistics, and each point that is delegated to the following attributes will have a noticeable effect on that soldier’s skills: strength, agility, dexterity, willpower, intelligence, and perception. The strategy feature of this game is essentially how you decide to manage your bases, interceptions, and squads. Territory is power in the game - the more you control, the better your interceptor coverage. The faster you research, the better your chances. The tactical aspect of the game comes into play during the ground based assaults against aliens and mutants for the control of territories. Once you succeed, you can decide what type of base you want: research, military, manufacture or biomass repulsion.