Out of the Blue

I have to make a trip to Dr. Toothy today to follow-up on that tooth I cracked a couple of weeks ago... he says it's a minor thing, so here's hoping he's right. On the other hand, a change in plans has taken place, and we will not be traveling to the coast for a wedding this weekend, so today's minor interruption is on track, but this weekend's disruption has been disrupted.

Play Time: Google Sets. Thanks Bronco.
Link of the Day: Britney Spears spelling correction. Thanks SecretAgentMan.
Stories of the Day: Fat Americans getting even fatter & Low-carb dieters eat more, lose weight & Fat phobia study reveals weighty attitudes.
Wanted: Malaysia seeks cosmonaut.
Cloning Remains a Meaty Issue.
Science!: Coffee 'boosts male fertility'. Thanks AC.
Foetus with three parents created.
Super-Radar, Done Dirt Cheap.
Auctions of the Day: Original Mustang Ranch Building & Rights, NV. Thanks Dan Leadbetter.
C3PO Figurine - Excellent Shape!!! Thanks Pailhead.
Follow-up: China Sends Man Into Orbit, Entering U.S.-Russian Club (registration required).
Thanks Mike Martinez.