Out of the Blue

I know there are a lot of folks with mixed (or negative) feelings about the movie, but I have been looking forward to today's release of the Matrix Reloaded on DVD since the date was announced... there are a couple of questions about how things come together in relation to the first movie and the upcoming conclusion of the trilogy that it will be fun to try and work on, as well as general Matrix goodness to be explored.

Stories of the Day: Revellers Down Plane. Thanks John Nelson.
Fijians say sorry to eaten Briton's family. Thanks Jamie Sefton.
Martial arts expert kills two raiders. Thanks Kazmont.
Science!: Can Rain Be Bought Experts Seed Clouds and Seek Answers (registration required).
Reaping and Sewing From Corn.
Study: Marijuana smokers' sperm slow.
Follow-up: Report: Navy to limit sonar to protect whales.
Thanks Mike Martinez.