Half-Life 2: Delay? Maybe, Playable? Yes

New delay for Half-Life sequel on BBC News (thanks Eraserhead) has a quote from Christophe Ramboz of Vivendi Universal Games on the Half-Life 2 source code theft that takes a completely different direction than the talk of four month delays found in a different article (story), as they have him saying: "Vivendi Universal Games is only the distributor of the product, which is produced by the US studio Valve and so it will up to them to make an announcement." Meanwhile, Thieves steal playable version of Half-Life 2 on CNN Money contradicts reports that downplay the amount of code stolen, choosing to reveal that the Source source thieves "also stole enough game maps and other components to put together a playable build of the game. Today, five days after the first leak, they have released that build."