DOOM 3 Q&A, Previews

There's another DOOM 3 Q&A on GameArena talking with id Software's Tim Willits and Todd Hollenshead at the Activision Activate conference in Asia. Likewise, GameArena's DOOM 3 Preview is also online,'s DOOM 3 Preview has been posted, and there are DOOM 3 Single-Player Impressions on GameSpot where they also recap their session with the upcoming shooter remake as shown off by Willits and Hollenshead. They offer impressions of the gameplay and the atmosphere created by the new game engine, both of which can be found in this quote:
The flashlight is present in both single-player and multiplayer modes. It serves as an exploration tool that realistically cuts through shadows, and it also serves as a last-ditch-effort melee weapon. But if you have your flashlight in hand, you don't have any kind of decent weapon equipped. This point was driven home by the sudden appearance of another zombie, who leaped from the shadows of the heretofore strangely quiet hallway. As we dodged away from it, we watched as it lunged for us and closed its arms around thin air in a failed attempt to grab us before we blasted it. We also came to a short stairway. At the top of the stairs was a heavyset zombie who noted our presence. He then grabbed a nearby barrel and hurled it at us. We dodged the barrel, but it tumbled off to the side, and the sound of it crashing to the ground reverberated realistically around us.
Also, IGN quotes unnamed sources in reporting that "progressive metal band Tool is doing an original song for Doom 3." Update: There is yet another DOOM 3 preview on Eurogamer (thanks Frans).