Halo Status Report

With the removal of the remaining work items list on the Halo Website, Gearbox's Randy Pitchford made a forum post called Halo PC Status describing the imminence of announcements concerning the game's availability (thanks Frans and HBO). Here's the deal:
Expect an announcement about the release date of Halo PC sometime in the next 1 to 4 days.

gearboxsoftware.com will carry the announcement in the forums, on the main pages and will offer other fun materials related to the announcement.

The "Work Items" remaining ticker was removed because there are no remaining work items for the retail game.

The team is working on a number of other things including a demo and some bonus features to be released as an update on or about launch time.

We are having lots of fun at Gearbox playing "Assault" mode in Halo PC. We can't wait for you to be able to join us

Thanks for your participation in the forums and thank you for your continued excitement and anticipation of Halo's invasion of the PC.