Out of the Blue

We're off to Pennsylvania today to attend the funeral of my grandmother, which is this afternoon. In an unfortunate (and I am thinking unusual, but I'm unsure of that) bit of scheduling, the burial is planned for late morning tomorrow. Since MrsBlue's schedule will not permit us to stay over, I am considering making the trip again tomorrow for the follow-up, but I am still up in the air about that.

R.I.P.: Singer, Songwriter Warren Zevon Dies.

Links of the Day: LibrarianActionFigure.
Stories of the Day: The geek who would be governor.
Web Site Goes Online to Find Nazi-Looted Art
(registration required).
Safety Problem at Nuclear Plants Is Cited (registration required). Problems in my backyard.
Images of the Day: Dean And Nigel Blend In. Thanks BicycleRepairMan.
Stories of the Day: Nothing Fishy but the Fish. What would Werner Heisenberg say?
Science!: Bugpower, the energy of the future.
Soundless Music Shown to Produce Weird Sensations.
Sound science is quackers. Thanks SurlyBitch.
Follow-up: Review: Segway has celebrity effect.
Thanks Mike Martinez.