Out of the Blue

The attacks from the spiders are becoming bolder. Last night I got tangled in a head-high web stretched across the bathroom doorway, and as I disentangled myself I saw the foiled arachnid scurrying up to the ceiling... you could sense his disappointment. I wonder if this taste for people has to do with the generation of crawlers that were born in this house, since we tend to let them go with a warning when we find them. Well, at least we don't have a lot of mosquitoes in the house.

We won't have many mosquitoes living outside soon if the temperature drop continues here. The calendar page had barely settled on September when the cold snap began, and since the New York autumn typically lasts the same couple of weeks that spring does, the heavy rain we've been getting should be turning into snowfall soon.

Play Time: Jedi Wars. Thanks Devster.
The Gender Genie. It thinks my two prior OotB's are female (but not today's), but it's right less often than a coin toss, so...
Links of the Day: Houston teams with McDonald's to fight fat. The "nation's fattest city" and the fast food chain.
Chinese tigers sent to Africa for hunting lessons. They've lost the eye of the tiger.
Stories of the Day: Firecracker stunt backfires on man. Thanks Steve. Truly gruesome. More Jackassery.
Ingenuity Helps Prisoners Cope.
Science!: Amphibious car drives over water. Thanks Halsy. Cue the Bond theme.
Power of Positive Thinking May Have a Health Benefit, Study Says (registration required).
Study: Saving forests best way to cheap, clean water.
Thanks Mike Martinez.