Out of the Blue

I've been helping my neighbor's sister treat his cat for various ailments while my neighbor is on vacation. These treatments include administering a subcutaneous dose of saline every other day. The questionable joy of sticking an unhappy cat with a needle has fallen on me since this is something I have experience with, having provided the same treatment for my own cat when he fell ill years ago. Of course, as immortalized in the Seinfeld where Morty goes to work for Elaine at J. Peterman's, the elderly often like to get an early start, and today's call came at the crack of dawn, so that cat managed to get her full serving of saline before I had even a portion of my serving of coffee.

Play Time: Roby Baggio Soccer/Football Free Kick Game. Thanks Ross.
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Postcards New York City.
Stories of the Day: UK balloonists set for second attempt and 'Space' balloon bid canceled.
A Campus Fad That's Being Copied: Internet Plagiarism (registration required).
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Looking for love potion number nine.
Wheels in the Sky.
Auction of the Day: Weird Gross Bra That Fell Out Of My Ceiling. Thanks Dan Leadbetter.
Thanks Mike Martinez.