More DOOM 3

Luckily Texas seems just a hair southwest of the blackout, so there's another couple of DOOM 3 multiplayer previews on GameSpot, IGN and Computer and Video Games based on what they've gotten to see of the shooter at QuakeCon (there are also some QuakeCon Pics on HomeLAN Fed). Here's a bit from IGN:
You'll find it's much harder to hit your enemies in this game than in the previous ones. No longer does a single hit box surround your opponents. Now all hits have to be scored on the actual polygons of the character models. Todd explains that this is a natural evolution for action games given the increasing skill of players. As they get better, targets have to get smaller to compensate. While fighting you'll find that bullets can pass in between a character's legs or the space between their torso and arms without damaging them. You'll need to be much more accurate now with each of your shots. Still, it's not too hard to score kills, particularly if you're playing against a bunch of journalists operating on two hours of sleep and a three-whiskey breakfast.