Out of the Blue

Sigh. I went against the old adage about not fixing something that was not broken yesterday, and tried to uninstall one of the multiple versions of Java installed on my computer and, naturally enough, broke something really badly. Now the odd behavior I am not able to shake is a memory leak with FrontPage (which I have used for years as an easy HTML editor). It's a little spooky... even saving a blank page immediately triggers the leak, which continues straight on until the system crashes. Sorry about the late update and over-aged news. This has been a real nightmare, I've transferred everything to a different machine now, and I'm really beginning to suspect my aging hardware may just need to be put out to pasture at this point (hey, this may be turn into a sponsorship opportunity for some hardware type!).

Links of the Day: Beer For The Homeless.
Symantec Offering Virus Sponsorship. Thanks Ant.
Stories of the Day: Protecting Its Proprietary Pork.
Japan's 'digital shoplifting' plague.
CDs in soft drink cup caps. Thanks Tony!!!
Weird Science: Giant sea creature baffles Chilean scientists.
British troops try out 'James Bond' style X-ray specs.
Wild Science: Kraft Plans to Rethink Some Products to Fight Obesity (registration required). Hell 3/5s of their name spells fat!
U.S. Is Urged by Panel to Tell Women About Dioxins (registration required).
Image of the Day: The making of the Falcon. Thanks John W. Simms.
Follow-ups: Why the Do Not Call Registry May Not Work.
Blood, gore Video game ratings updated. Thanks Jim Hendrickson.
Auction of the Day: AIR GUITAR.... Excellent Condition!. Thanks Dave Claycomb.
Thanks Mike Martinez.