Out of the Blue

Argh -- I hate running so behind! Sorry about the late start. :(

So I'm glancing through the owners manual of our car. Does it scare you as much as me that under their advice on how to get the best possible gas mileage they suggest not driving with your foot resting on the brake pedal? Who are instructions like that for anyway?

Play Time: SkyBolter (Shockwave required). Thanks Frans.
Link of the Day: Smile Mania's Great American Grump Out. Thanks MrsBlue.
Stories of the Day: Yao sues Coke for 12 cents. Yo! Thanks Travis McPherson.
College plans virus-writing course.
Next for cell phones: nudity. Thanks Tony!!!
Weird Science: Way Out There in Arp 299, a Factory for Supernovas (NY Times free registration required).
Wild Science: Gesture Your Mouse Goodbye.
Bubbles Oust Viruses in Therapy
Media of the Day: Big Rock Eddies Online: The Audition. Thanks Trevor Kiziak.
Auction of the Day: Free transport of Semi Tractor Car or Truck. Thanks Dan Leadbetter. "HELLO I AM DRUG AND ACHOUL FREE."
Follow-ups: Stranded British explorer rescued from the North Pole. Thanks Dr. Jim Strider.
Euro GPS network gets green light.
Jury: eBay guilty of patent infringement.
Thanks Mike Martinez.