Out of the Blue

Today the actual Expo part of E3 begins... are there more announcements still to be revealed? There always are, but it's hard to imagine where they are hiding at this point. Since Frans, the compiler of the daily game review lists, is attending the show himself, I think game reviews will probably just take the show off, which sort of follows the theme of looking towards the future, rather than the past (yes, that's purely a rationalization, but not bad, huh?).

Stories of the Day: Suit seeks ban on Oreo cookies. Once we outlaw cookies....
Police Fugitive lived in attic crawl space. Thanks /\\!ke.
The road to recovery. 12 steps for hard drives.
Wild Science: Study: Personality Not Set By 30.
Banks suffer increased hack attacks.
Weird Science: Study: West Nile mosquitoes are mutants.
Image of the Day: Bear Attacks Sub. Thanks Ant.
Follow-ups: Now The Other iLoo Inventor Is Annoyed That It's A Hoax and Microsoft tries flushing away iLoo and Oh, It's Not a Hoax: MS ILoo.
Thanks Mike Martinez.