Out of the Blue

Argh -- I hate oversleeping! Oh well, at least there weren't any presents on the floor from the puppy, who offers the occasional scatological editorial about late starts on such occasions.

We certainly are in the heart of the pre-E3 period I recently referenced, where a heavier rush of announcements are forthcoming than at the actual show itself. According to some quick calculations, it will be just seven years before this gets so early that the annual rush of game announcements will actually start immediately after E3 ends, and the year following new game announcements will actually take place during the show again. Or maybe not.

Play Time: Nerdvana. Thanks Ant.
Link of the Day: Superhandz. Thanks Kenneth Cheung.
Stories of the Day: For kids, media convergence just seems natural. Thanks Mike Martinez.
Southwest pilots fired for undressing in the cockpit. Thanks Miguel Gonzalez.
Wild Science: Japanese Discover First New Vitamin in 55 Years. Thanks [MP] Wolverine [MP].
Auction of the Day: The ORIGINAL Skeletor's Panthor with Burger King Heinz Ketchup Packet with Scary Face in Mouth. Thanks Jerry McAlister.
Antique Fossilized Dinosaur Crap. Thanks EricTheMad.
Follow-up: Privacy Ruling Goes Against Verizon. Thanks Bronco.