Mythica Revealed Previews Mythica in the first of a two-day series revealing plans for an upcoming MMORPG from Microsoft that puts the player in the role of a Norse hero drawn out of his retirement in Valhalla and faced with a quest to achieve godhood. They reveal plans for races, realms, environments, how death for an immortal character is handled, and more. They plan on revealing more tomorrow, but in the meantime there's plenty of brand new stuff to reveal, even though they point out this project has actually already been in the works for a couple of years:
As with any MMO, Mythica is a huge undertaking, already in development for two years, there is a team of 30 actively working on the project. Wilson said each shard will support up to 3,000 concurrent players, and the number of shards will be determined by how many people sign up for the as-of-yet undetermined monthly fee. Wilson said they are already exploring a way that all the shards can be combined for the final epic battle.