BF1942 Battle Plan - No Client Mods

The Battlefield 1942 Website has details on what's to be included in the upcoming version 1.4 patch for DICE's World War II shooter. The update includes word that client-side mods are to be disabled in the future as part of their effort at eradicating cheating and exploits:
A note on cheating and exploits -- we've all seen how cheating can destroy the gameplay experience for everyone. EA and DICE take cheating seriously and we are taking an aggressive stance in preventing exploits which allow people to cheat. The biggest source of all BF cheats and exploits are client-side modifications. With the release of patch 1.4, we are disabling all client-side mods. Unfortunately, this means that the client side mods that aren't used for cheating will also be affected. DICE and EA have spent the past few months trying to engineer a solution which allows client-side mods to work while stopping the cheats. Ultimately it proved impossible to do so in such a way that prevented future client side mods from opening up new methods of cheating and exploitation. However, this doesn't mean that all mods are unusable. By making the mods into full server-side mods (Desert Combat for example), everyone can experience the cool factor that these mods offer.