Out of the Blue

One of those noisy ads accidentally showed up in the rotation here again last night, luckily it seems I was one of the first to see it, as I was able to nuke it before the hate mail started piling up. The offending code will be removed from the rotation, and the missing ad atop the page will return... until now, consider that space "intentionally left blank."

Stories of the Day: Cell-Phone Fires A Lot of Static.
Scanning the future of privacy.
Wild Science: Sony steadies two-legged robot.
Cellphone to support Braille display.
Prime numbers not so random?
Weird Science: Dog translation device coming to U.S.
UFO could have been electrocuted cat. Thanks Brian Poff.
Follow-up: Shuttle data tape in good condition, says NASA. Thanks [MP] Wolverine [MP].
Thanks Mike Martinez.