Out of the Blue

Bush Signs Anti-Telemarketing Bill (thanks eurodeseo|OSLT) has the good news that some relief from the scourge of telemarketing, as it will create a do-not-call list, with the punishment for calling listed people to be a fine of up to $11,000 for each violation. Of course, there's always a loophole, and the politicians were certainly not going to curtail their own ability to pester us, so: "Charities, surveys and calls on behalf of politicians would be exempt." I can only suspect the worst of this last part: 'Hi, I'm calling on behalf of the U.S. Congress to offer you a way to lower your mortgage rate.'

Link of the Day: Ted Turner Sends Self Back In Time To Prevent AOL Time Warner Merger. Thanks [PIT]SlayerAODsk.
Stories of the Day: French Fries Get New Name in Congress. Thanks Borzoi.
Groundhog Day: The Musical. Thanks loonyboi. "Tomorrow, tomorrow, I love you tomorrow, you're also always today."
HBO countersues 'Sopranos' star Gandolfini for $100M. Thanks David.
Weird Science: Gauging age by the smell of urine. Thanks [MP] Wolverine [MP].
Wild Science: Universe as Doughnut: New Data, New Debate (NY Times free registration required). Thanks Mark Siegel.
Media of the Day: Trunk Monkey. Thanks Ant.
Demo. Thanks [PIT]SlayerAODsk.
Beer Is Good For You? Thanks Homer.
Auction of the Day: Instant Girlfriend Kit! Thanks [PIT]SlayerAODsk.