Unreal II & More Game Movies

The Unreal II: The Awakening Media Index on GameSpot now offers free downloads of a new Unreal II movie, as well as a couple of other movies that can only be accessed by subscribers to their complete service. Also, there's a new Iritor Online Trailer on RPG Vault, featuring "A look at a mech entering a hive-like colony of the Mutaloi, an insect-like species in Wootsoft's online world." Also, three new Tomb Raider movies are available, which are part of a planned promotional campaign between Eidos and G4 (the game cable television channel). The movies can be found on Gamer's Hell and Worthplaying. Meanwhile, on the console front, there's a new Halo 2 movie on Xbox.Com (thanks Gamer's Hell, though they point out this is actually just a succession of still images), and a new English Soul Calibur 2 Official Site is online with a new gameplay trailer from this fighting game sequel. Finally, there's a Devastation movie on Worthplaying, but this was released over the summer, so if you've been keeping up with this, you are already set.