Out of the Blue

It was just over a month ago that I wrote "Be gentle with me... I'm a Giants fan..." I just didn't realize how handy that would come in again so soon... betcha I could make a buck off of that if I had some bumper stickers printed up with that motto to sell today.

Speaking of making a buck, that Joe Millionaire show they're advertising tonight looks like a riot. I have minimal experience with "reality TV," but this one really does seem as evil as they all like to think themselves to be. I still can't figure out if the suggestion from our forums that this would work even better if the faux millionaire looked like Danny DeVito rather than a male model (no offense to Danny DeVito look-alikes and the men and women who love them), but this one sounds like quite the tempting spectacle.

Play Time: Middle-Earth MadLibs. Thanks Zdim.
Links of the Day: Unreal Tournament 2003 True Christian Maps Now Available!. Thanks Ratty R. Rife with potentially offensive (but on-topic) satire.
The Onion: Hershey's Ordered To Pay Obese Americans $135 Billion (see below). Thanks Mike Martinez.
Story of the Day: Obesity on trial. Thanks Mike Martinez.
Wild Science: Hybrid cars going mainstream? Thanks Mike Martinez.
Auction of the Day: The Moussager.