Out of the Blue

Happy Turkey Day to all who are celebrating Thanksgiving today. A bunch of the Blue relations are making their ways to the Tower today to partake in our version of the gathering, including our new little niece Jenna and my dad's dog Sparky, so we'll have a pretty good assortment of personalities in our group. Anyway, here's hoping you feel you have something to be thankful for today, whether you count yourself among the celebrants, or not.

There were a couple of posts on our forums yesterday revealing theories that yesterday's nifty Motorcycle Game play time link might have further levels to explore. Was anybody able to figure that out, or determine from the text (said to be Finnish) if there any further plans to expand on that project at all? It's too much fun, but the two levels just aren't enough...

Play Time: Ultimate Flash Face (Flash required). Thanks Kenneth Cheung.
Story of the Day: Pennsylvania's 'rhyming judge' chided. Thanks Mike Martinez.
Wild Science: Immobots Take Control. Thanks Mike Martinez. One step closer to The Terminator.
Weird Science: Face transplants 'on the horizon.' Thanks Manandan. One step closer to Face Off.