On Breed and IG3 Delays

CDV Announces Revised "Breed" and "Imperium Galactica III" Dates is the press release with word that Breed, Brat Designs' upcoming first-person shooter, is now slated for a second quarter 2003 release. The release also offers the official announcement that Imperium Galactica III has likewise been delayed, but those beans were spilled last week when they updated the release dates on the official website (story). The other semi- revelation is the official word that Mithis Entertainment, formed of former developers on this game, have rejoined the project, something tipped off when these IG3 screenshots showed up with Mithis watermarks (story). The IG3 delay is explained as allowing time to implement multiplayer play, while reasons supplied for the delay in Breed's release is to allow time to implement next generation graphics card support, as well as support for user-created levels.