Out of the Blue

Given that the wait for season four to start continues in some areas, I certainly won't touch on specifics, but to follow-up on the lengthy wait for the new season of The Sopranos, the premiere was certainly worth it (episodes written by David Chase rarely disappoint). The late and good versus rushed and bad syndrome has many analogies to our gaming community, which I won't belabor either, but as a wise man once said, something's only delayed while it's unreleased, but if it sucks, it sucks forever. Conversely, when something is great, it's worth the wait (and of course, if the glove don't fit...).

Story of the Day: Not elected, so businessman wants bribes back. Thanks Lurch.
Media of the Day: A Tribute to Ray Harryhausen. Flash required. Thanks Shadowknight
Auction of the Day: Trampy Booth Babe Outfit. Thanks DG Leadbetter.