id Software Q&A-DOOM III MP Clarification

FiringSquad's QuakeCon 2002 report is now online, offering their impressions of the DOOM III presentation, John Carmack's address to the attendees, some highlights of the Carmack Q&A, and more. They cap things off with their own Q&A with designer Tim Willits and animator Fred Nilsson of id, discussing DOOM III's single-player focus, multiplayer support, weapons, interactivity with the levels, NPCs, monsters, and more. It should be noted that Tim's answer to a question about multiplayer scalability offers relief for those concerned about John Carmack's comments about four-player multiplayer support, saying: "Doom 3 multiplayer will be fully scalable. It will be a peer to peer system. We haven't started working on it yet. Tell everyone not to panic - it will be fine. John just forgot to mention it'll be scalable past four players."