Out of the Blue

A bit of a brouhaha arose yesterday after the decision was made to remove the ability to add anonymous posts to our forums. This is not something we did lightly... fact is this has been a serious topic of discussion for some time now, and over the past week or so it had basically been decided that this was the way we would go, as an increased presence of trolls had created an ever-diminishing signal-to-noise ratio. We recognize that potentially valuable posts are lost this way, there was a good period of time where we could point with pride at the fact that we could allow anon posting and there was still a mostly civil attitude here, but like most forums that allow anonymity, civility eventually began to suffer more and more. We're not happy that we had to make this move, but are confident that the forums are a better place for it already.

Link of the Day: Soprano-House-Plans. Thanks WarPig[doh], who asks: "I wonder if you can use only certain contractors...?"
Stories of the Day: Two hurt when snowmobile hits tree. Thanks B0b.
Nude Man Takes Stroll Over Bridge In Bid To Induce Rain. Thanks Michael Hahn.
New Smokey Bear message 'grittier and darker'. Thanks Mike Martinez.
A new hit 'Jerry Springer The Opera'. Thanks Eric Blade.
Wild Science: NASA plans to read terrorist's minds at airports. Thanks Mike Martinez.
Image of the Day: Corn maze recreates Sept. 11 photo. Thanks brother19.
Follow-up: Tombstone ATM Doles Out Inheritance... now with word that this is likely a hoax. Thanks Kirwan.